Since the company was established in 1991, we at IMA have worked hard to gain our reputation for excellence in measurement and analysis systems.

We take pride in providing the latest technology, matching the best instrument for an application and considering complete life costs.

Improving measurements from a range of parameters such as ultra-fast gas chromatography for gas and liquid concentrations, oil in water, dew point meters, relative humidity sensors, and water in oil measurements has been key to our success.

We are proud that our customer base includes:



Our aim is to help our customers with measurement and analysis applications, providing complete measurement solutions. For example: humidity or dew point is often difficult to measure, and sometimes critical to manufacturing and petrochemical processes. Moisture analysis, dew point measurement or relative humidity measurement of a particular environment or product, can be just a spot check, or a permanent, fixed installation, and tracking or logging measurements with clear indications on panel meters or computer-based HMI systems can make significant savings for the operators.