Dr Thiedig CatCon 6 Delta

The CatCon 6 delta is a measuring device for measuring the differential conductivity and determining the pH value.

The measuring device consists of the Con 6 m transmitter and the intelligent CatControl 6 cation filter . It is used for continuous conductivity measurement before and after strongly acidic cation exchangers.

The Con 6 m transmitter also offers the option of connecting a flow measurement to monitor the sample flow as part of representative and VGB-compliant sample analysis.

For flexible use, the transmitter can be equipped with a wide-range power supply ex works (4-wire technology). Alternatively, a 2-wire version is available which does not require a separate auxiliary voltage.

The standard built-in automatic venting of the CatControl 6 guarantees a bubble-free sample flow even during start-up.

By determining the differential conductivity, the pH value is calculated in accordance with the VGB standard and offers a low-maintenance and reliable alternative in contrast to conventional pH value determination using a glass electrode.